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Issue #26 // You May Want To Listen To…
This month we are featuring artists from Warner Brother Records! We are all familiar with the name Warner Brothers when it comes to movies but did you know that they also owned a record label? Click here to check out these awesome artists in our newest issue!
Issue #26 // Highlighted Artists

In-case you missed this past month’s Highlighted Artists, we have the scoop right here in our Issue #26! Click here to read up on great artists such as Jesse Clegg, Jordan JAE, and Still The Sky’s Limit.
Issue #26 // This or That
Click here to read our newest issue! We have some great features that include the percentages from this past month’s This or That.  Take a look to see how you guys ranked them!
April 2014 // Issue #26
Our April 2014 issue is now live! Check out the issue for FREE by clicking here. This issue features MKTO as our cover artist as well as Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Righteous Vendetta, STATE CHAMPS, Beartooth, Polar, and many more! 
You can also pick up a physical copy to purchase here.
This or That // Miley Cyrus or Lorde?
Behind The Song // “Separate Ways” - POUNDERS
Some of the best songs are about love. That’s exactly what “Separate Ways” is.  Click here to read up on how this attempt at an 80’s sounding breakup song was put together.