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July 2014 Issue #29 // Highlighted Artists
If you missed this past month’s Highlighted Artists don’t worry because we have them all for you in our newest issue! Click here to take a peek at who we featured and why.
July 2014 Issue #29 // Forever Came Calling
We recently checked in with Forever Came Calling. Click here to see what they had to say and see what they are up to now.
July 2014 // Issue #29
You are missing out if you still haven’t taken a look at our new issue! Click here to see features on Neon Trees, Derek Buell, The Icarus Account, Sweetlife Festival, Forever Came Calling, Gabrielle Aplin, The So So Glos, and more!
Album Review // “Life Lessons” - Handguns
Click here to read our review of this pop punk album by Handguns. Find out what makes this Philadelphia band so special.
July 2014 // Issue #29
This month’s Venue Highlight is The Bottom Lounge in Chicago! Click here to see why we picked it.  Let us know if you’ve been there.
Issue #29 // Jule 2014
If you haven’t taken a look at our newest issue now is the time! Click here to check out our “You may want to listen to…” feature.  This month we are featuring Neon Trees, Snow Patrol, and Gaslight Anthem from Island Def Jam Recordings.
Album Review // We Don’t Have Each Other - Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties
We have the review for Soupy’s newest side project Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. Click here to see why we love this release!
July 2014 Issue #29 // This Or That
Click here to read our newest issue that shows the scores of this past month’s This Or That! See if what you voted for was the winner!
July 2014 // Issue #29 featuring Neon Trees!
Featuring: Neon Trees, Gabrielle Aplin, Forever Came Calling, Blake Lewis, The Icarus Account, The So So Glos and many more!
We are very excited to announce Neon Trees as this month’s cover artist! We strive to bring you artists and bands who we think everyone should know about! It’s something we’ve always done and what we always will do. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this month’s artists, because you will be hearing a lot about them in the near future!
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What time will the July issue be available?

It’s available now! Check it out here!

July 2014 Issue
Our July issue will be released for FREE tomorrow night! We want to give a big welcome to this month’s cover artist Neon Trees. Keep an eye on our website for updates!
Behind The Song // “Me And My Broken Heart” - Rixton
We have another Behind The Song this week! Click here to check out all of the details behind Rixton’s “Me And My Broken Heart”.
This Or That // The Summer Set or Mayday Parade?